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"I am an artist because I enjoy creating" Mabel Vittini
"I am an artist because I enjoy creating" Mabel Vittini

About The Artist

Mabel Vittini’s expertise has been established through years of experience by working with Interior Designers, Builders, Private Clients and Corporate Organizations in Homes, Businesses and Custom Art Paintings.

Mabel Vittini offers creative and functional ideas coupled with exceptional customer service and surprisingly competitive rates.

Established in South Florida, she provides her customers with the highest standard and style. She is dedicated to providing her clients with the most personalized and trustworthy service in the industry while keeping them informed each step of the way. Her services include being hands-on every step of the way from design consultation, to drawings , to installation. Her business relies on client satisfaction and their referrals, creating an altruistic concept for all.

Her desire is to create rewarding, healthy, and long lasting relationships with you from the beginning to the completion of each project.

Mabel Vittini delivers clean, detailed professional experience.


Why Choose Mabel Vittini


Detail Oriented

Listening and understanding all aspects of the project in order to fulfill her clients needs and wants


Over 20 years creating, inventing and producing


Reaching new ideas, submerging into the endless possibilities of creation, using colors and design concepts as requested by her diverse clientele.

Meets Deadlines

Understanding pressures of construction timelines, the grand opening of a new business, and the moving deadlines of new home owners.


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